I was Butterball as a baby, Jo-Jo as a kid, Jo to most of my friends and have been Jo-Anne all my life. I use Ms. in front when required. Emery is the family name of my British-born Dad (Joe), de Klerk is the family name of my Dutch-born Mom (Ans), and Levac is the family name of my husband (Lorin).

My brother (Glen) was nicknamed Haywire until he was about 15 when he was suitably renamed Gemer after a Slovak beer.

When I was born, our family lived in an old house on the beach in West Vancouver.  The house has been replaced with multi-million dollar beachfront townhouses and a seawall.  Then, when my brother was born, we moved to a small cabin on the rugged BC coast.  It still exists but is now it is surrounded by multi-million dollar mansions.  My parents sure knew how to find beautiful places to live.  We moved around as Dad chased good jobs  which led us thru North Vancouver, West Vancouver, South Fort George, Prince George, Kitimat, Burnaby, Prince Rupert (just Glen and Dad did that move – Mom and I wanted to stay home while I completed grade 12), Hinton and Ruzomberok (Slovakia).


  1. Self basting ….hehehehehehehe

  2. That was Steve’s comment , you are so cute .

  3. I’m Lorin’s 1st cousin. Our family name is Levacque. Not Levac. I’m on twitter. @LiseLevacque101. please contact me.

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