Ovide Benjamin Lafreniere & Marie (Maurice) family album

Ovide Benjamin Lafreniere & Marie (Maurice) family album

Patrick Lafreniere has provided these incredible photos displayed and labeled in an album.  Good thing his line in the family kept them safe.  Looks like a few are missing such as #3, #9, #12, and #15.  Does anybody have photos to complete this?  And, who is the unlabeled woman beside Marie Jeanne?


  1. Marie Clara Lafreniere was my GGgrandmother. She married Joseph Langevin and my grandmother was Helen Langevin and married my grandfather Ulric Livingston.

    My cousin is doing a blog on the Livingston and Langevin families and her research matches yours.

    • Hi Jim,

      That’s great to hear that I’m on the right track. If you come across any photos or documents you’d like to share with others conducting similar searches, then please send to me and I’ll post on this blog.


  2. Hi Jo,
    It’s a funny thing these pictures—I have the exact same ones, in the exact same order. any idea where you got yours? I got mine from Doreen Livingston and she was related to Antoine Lafreniere.

    • Hi Deborah

      I got the scan of that page of photos from Pat Lafreniere — you’ll see his name attached to some posts on this blog — you can email him directly. Do you have any other photos or documents that I can use for Lorin’s genealogy or to share with other visitors to this blog?

      Keep in touch.


    • “It’s a funny thing these pictures—I have the exact same ones”

      As for the providence of these photos: Doreen Livingston was given this information from my grandmother, the wife of Ovide Benjamin’s grandson. I am uncertain if this is properly credited in the Lafreniere book and thus the confusion. I believe Pat Lafreniere still has the originals.

      • Someone must’ve made photocopies for everyone in the family as many people have the same sets from a scrapbook or photo album. Thanks for the info on providence. Happy new year!

  3. These pictures are great! I must be related to Jim Moore, as Marie Clara and Joseph are also my GG grandparents. My Ggrandfather was Arthur Langevin. We have recently started working on our family tree and it is so wonderful to see that we have so many relatives that we never knew about 🙂

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