It might look empty but its full of memories

It might look empty but its full of memories

After 42 years, Mom has sold the old family home. She has moved into a beautiful condo with a view of the Fraser River.

It was the longest move in history.  For weeks we took truckloads and car loads to the dump, to the Salvation Army and to Value Village.  Our garage and house is full of stuff she wants me to sell through consignment as she couldn’t bare to give it away. She wants to know it will go to a good home.  The moving company had to come twice: once to move her into the condo and a 2nd time to take some stuff out as she took too much and also to take a load to my house and to a friend’s place.

Here are some photos I took as I said my goodbyes to the old place. It might look empty but it is full of memories . . .

my old bedroom – became a guest room:

Jo's bedroom

Dad moved into this room eventually – he stayed up late and slept half the day:

Joe's bedroom

Mom and Dad’s room – Mom’s only after Dad died:

Ans' bedroom

Glen’s old room – Mom turned it into a sewing room:

Glen's bedroom

upstairs landing looking into the bathroom with clawfoot tub:


TV room addition to the house:

TV room

Living room with beautiful new gas fireplace insert:

Living room

Dining room – look at those beautiful beams:

Dining room

Kitchen eating area – new owners bought the hosier and some other furniture:




  1. Did she leave all her copper pots hanging

    • She took the copper pots with her and will have a custom bracket made to hold them in the new kitchen. They are being stored at my house right now as her condo locker isn’t very secure.

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