Dog food

Last week I got back to making home-made dog food for Bella.  She now gets a combo of organic store-bought crunchies with a small scoop of my home-made blend of organic beef, brown rice, carrots and garlic.  She far prefers my food over canned dog food . . . duh.

Next, Lorin and I plan to make crunchies.  I’ve gathered some recipes over the years and will made a few different batches to find a nutritional balance for Bella and a recipe that is easy for us to make.

What a lucky doggy!

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Bella doesn’t do swimming

Bella doesn’t do swimming

In the summer we visited the lakeside cabins of two old friends: Debbie/Don at Okanagan and Kari/Russ at Kalamalka. They are so fortunate to have these wonderful places that allow them to unwind, enjoy the view, have fun on the water, and entertain leisurely.

Well, Bella doesn’t swim so we bought her a special doggy life jacket that has a handle to pick her out of the water – a great thing.  Normally dogs aren’t allowed in the boat but since we couldn’t leave her alone at the cabin they made and exception.  We put lots of towels in the boat so that when she shook we could catch most of it.  Stinky wet dog is not what you want your boat to smell like.  He drove us over to the opposite shore and we walked through the provincial park area where a forest fire had occurred just days before.  The damage a cigarette can do to a dry forest is devastating.  It was heartbreaking. When Russ returned to pick us up he arrived at the end of our hike which didn’t allow him to come very close to shore. So, Bella floated as we dragged her through the water by holding her handle.  She swam but wasn’t happy about it.  Russ reached down and picked her up out of the water – heavy from being overweight, wet and resistant – he had a tough job but it worked great and nobody got hurt.

Then, we visited Deb/Don’s cabin on Okanagan Lake.  They couldn’t be there with us as their daughter was in a fender bender and they had to help arrange a car for her as they were going on a holiday.  So, we read a lot and walked the roads in both direction behind the waterfront lots.  What a terrific community. Most families are there generation after generation.  So, Bella would go in the shallow water but not swim and we caught a photo of her struggling while wet to get up on the dock from the water – her feet kept slipping underneath and she’d fall back.  We laughed so hard as she worked away at it – finally getting her big butt up out of the water. Bella made friends with some neighboring dogs and jumped through a barbed wire fence to greet Don’s brother when he came by to say hi.

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Getting a new roof

We’re having the roof redone finally and they chose today to come — but better than tomorrow for sure as I’ve got the gals coming over for a birthday party. I had intended to clean the house today but no way as all the ancient dust is falling from my ceiling as they clear off the old gravel and moss.  The lights are flickering, glasses are rattling in the cupboard, and the sound is thundering from above so it is difficult to focus but I suppose I can get some work done here at my computer as the monitor shakes and stimulates a cracker of a headache!  There are sounds coming from the furnace and hood fan like someone banging on the pipes to get attention and be rescued – or speaking to each other in code like on the old TV series Beauty and the Beast.  Really, they’re replacing all the old vents and adding new ventilation to better cool the house in summer . . . tap, tap, tap-tap.

Bella is hiding under my desk and barks once in a while “who is that? don’t hurt me! I’m a nice girl.”

It has suddenly become dead quiet.  Must be coffee break.

The hammering will begin soon – oh no. I sure hope that my pictures don’t come off the walls.  They frame on the diptych of Prague is stretching and the glass looks like it could pop so I’d better take that down now.

Yup, there they go and now the house is creaking, doors are rattling – an earthquake could strike and I wouldn’t even know it. There are little ticky noises everywhere in my office as everything shakes.

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Mole patrol

Nope, I’m not talking about the annual visit to the dermatologist to measure moles and check for anomolies.  I’m talking about yesterday when my dog Bella dug up half a garden border chasing a mole.  Good thing she caught the critter or I might’ve been mad about the nice border being destroyed.

The thing was half alive and dying fast on the hot concrete.  I didn’t know what to do.  Lorin grew up spending summers working on his family farm so he would have not wasted a second chopping it’s head off with a shovel.  But not me.  I couldn’t imagine doing that.  I was more comfortable with it suffering in the heat — but eventually couldn’t stand that anymore so I picked it up with a shovel and tossed it over the fence (away from the dog) into our front yard to let the thing live out whatever time it had left by digging itself back into the ground.

Moles wreak havoc on our garden and yard and I’d love to be rid of them.  They are wonderful little things when you see them though. Their front feet are like paddles with toe nails and they have just a tiny sharp nose like a drill.  They dig very quickly and must squeeze their girthy bodies to fit in the hole. It squeeked like a mouse when Bella snapped at it and swatted her face.

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Pete’s booze can

Years ago while volunteering at the Vancouver Folk Music Festival, my pal Peter came up with a great idea.  You see, his mom Jill went to the festival every year as did the moms of a few other festival coordinators/staff including mine (a few times).  Since the licensed community hall across the road was vacant all day (we used it for the evening volunteer and performer parties), he figured we should take over the beautiful garden terrace each day for a refuge for the moms. His idea was to host a cocktail hour serving up G&T and other summer coolers, so they could all have a place to cool down in comfort.  It was a great idea but it never happened.

Well, we are saddened by her loss last summer and we’ll be thinking of her on those hot days at the festival. In her memory, but named for her son who had the idea, I think it should happen this year but be open to coordinators, staff and performers.  It would be such a nice peaceful place to get away from all the hectic activities of the festival.

The festival mascot is named Pete so people with think it is named for him – it will save us from having to explain the name over and over again.

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I love my husband.  My life changed when I met him and we enjoy our lives together.

I love my brother.  I see him on average of once every 5 years since 1994 but I hope that one day we won’t live on different continents.

I love my parents.  The more years that pass, the more I realize how much I learned from them.

I love my friends. When I reconnect with a friend I haven’t seen in 20 years, it is like hardly a day has passed (once we get used to how different the other looks) and things go forward. I may not get to see them often, but I think of them always.

I love mother nature.  She makes everything worth it.  Her metabolism is out of whack but we can save her.

I love my dog.  There is nothing like the unconditional love you get from a dog.  Cats are another story.

I love my friend’s dogs.  ditto

I love my home. Everyone needs a place to call home.  End homelessness now.

I love food.  Ethnic, simple, old fashioned or elegant – I love it all (except caraway).

I love to travel.  I miss the creature comforts of home when I’m away; and I miss the adventures when I’m home.

I love life.

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