Squeeling like a pig

Got jabbed by the H1N1 vaccine yesterday. I didn’t feel a thing but got a fever for an hour or so then my arm began to hurt and my body was achy all over. I was moving like a rusty machine.

Next day: arm still hurts quite a bit, tired because I didn’t sleep well, but not achy so I’m much more comfortable now.

Lorin and I talked about whether or not we’d get this vaccine and had both decided not to. When I found out that my rheumatoid arthritis makes me high risk – with twice the chance of dying and a likelihood of getting pneumonia, I changed my mind. Weighing the alternatives with that knowledge tipped the scales. Lorin will decide when it becomes available to him in the next few weeks.

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Tree rings

Remember when Chief Dan George witnessed the devastation of the planet and a tear ran down his cheek?

Our neighbour cut down an ancient cedar today citing “property rights” as their defense. Ask a surveyor, property ownership is not absolute – we cannot declare our land to be a country, we cannot erect an oil well on our property, we cannot cut down the trees mother nature put here before this town even existed. We are custodians of this land only.

These neighbours may only own the land for a few years and our city government agrees that they have the right to cut down a tree that stablizes the bank, oxygenates our air and beautifies the area.  That was “our” tree – everyone’s tree – not “their” tree. They can cut down the apple tree or rhodo but not the trees that we all benefit from.

Coquitlam has got to toughen up and protect the old trees.  Sometimes there is a perfectly good reason to cut one down. But just to have more space for putting (golf) is not a good reason.

They left some of the large slices at the curb free to take away so we rolled one home as a keepsake.  We get more sun now but will get less oxygen.

I emailed Mayor Richard Stewart and council today to say I wished they had witnessed this and to encourage them to reconsider the bylaw in order to protect the old trees that don’t belong to temporary homeowners as they were seeded by mother nature and belong to the citizens of Coquitlam.

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Okanagan fires – too close for comfort

We’ve been keeping an eye on the forest fire reports as we are concerned for our property in Pinantan Lake. Of course we care for everyone who is affected by the devastating fires – but we have personal interest in the protection of the homes and property of our friends and neighbours at Kalamalka Lake, Okanagan Lake and Pinantan Lake.

Please be careful in the forest – don’t smoke, don’t have camp fires, don’t use charcoal barbeques – so much is at risk.

Where is Smokey the Bear – he needs to get back to work!

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Beat the heat

There has been a heat wave in Vancouver that has broken weather records that stood for over 125 years!  One of the reasons Vancouver is a popular place to live is due to the not-too-hot summers.  Well, not this year.  Not only has the heat made us all less productive, but it has greatly increased the risk of forest fires (over 700 burning right now in the province!), but has been a drain on our electric power and water supplies.  The domino effect has resulted in lower water levels preventing fish fry trying from moving along the streams to the open water.  The electricity supplier stoked up some ancient coal-fired generators that polute our skies, contributing to climate change which may be partly to blame for this heat wave in the first place.

We couldn’t take the heat upstairs in our house so we moved to the basement which stays nice n’ cool.  We have to close all the windows on the south face as the hot air was blowing in.  Our furnace is rigged up with a manual fan switch so we can turn on the blower to circulate air without running the furnace.  This is a fantastic benefit as it brings the overall temperature in the house down by about 3 degrees.

There have been a few positive outcomes of the heat wave for us:  we relaxed more as we just could not focus enough to do any work, my face sweat so much that my skin looks as though I’ve had a facial every week, and our garden has been growing like mad.  We’ll have a great crop of figs for the first time in years, our tomatoes are turning red, the cauliflower is huge, and we have fantastic corn – sweet and delicious.

This is the first cool day in weeks and I have a pile of work to do, and I’m keen to get started on it.

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The times they are a changin’

People are losing jobs and being scaled back yet executive’s salaries and bonuses are increased.  These tough times lead to innovation and give companies the opportunity to shake the dust out but many are going to far!

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Prob with the Probe

My ’93 Ford Probe has been out of order for two weeks.  I borrowed Mom’s car for a few days but mostly I’ve just planned to stay close to home.  When the repair shop was finished with it, Lorin went to get it but the car broke down half way home.  He turned around and was just able to make it back to the shop.  When it was ready the second time, I took a few busses on what must’ve been the hottest day of the year only to have the car sputter and conk out as I arrived home.  Lorin order a new distributor since everything else possible had been replaced in that last week so this would have to be it.  I can hear him working away in the carport. Reports are good so far.  I’m desperate for my car.

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